Teaching and learning online is great, but nothing beats a face to face lesson with a coffee (or some wine!). 

Since 2019 I run group lessons at Líndala, a beautiful cafe and restaurant in Cabañal, and also at my place. I teach in small groups of five students maximum with a structured programme (we use textbooks such as Aula Plus, from Difusión) and homework. Every group has a folder on Google Drive where I share with them the vocabulary and grammar notes I take in class. What I love the most about these lessons is that it is a way of creating a small community in the neighbourhood, since most of us live in Cabañal and we sometimes run into each other at bars or cafes. If you want to see what the lessons are like, you can check out this video!

Once a year I run an intensive face to face grammar course in July where we look at the past tenses and subjuntivo, which is great for intermediate students and those who have a good level of spoken Spanish but have never been to actual Spanish lessons. You can watch a video of the lessons on my Instagram account.

And finally, every now and then I organise small events for my students. For example, in 2022 I took a group around the alternative Fallas and in the summer we did a «house crawl» in Cabañal with my A2 group, visiting each other’s houses and having a drink and some snacks at each one -it was great!

For more information on my face to face lessons in Valencia, check out my Meetup page.