¡Hola! My name is Isabel, and I have been teaching Spanish with patience and care since 2010. 

I was born in Valencia and I already knew from a young age that I wanted to live abroad. When I was at university I started teaching Spanish to immigrants with the Red Cross, which was a major turning point for me since it made me realise that what I wanted to do is teach. In my twenties and early thirties I lived in the UK and China for several years, where I taught Spanish, French and English in Primary and Secondary schools.

At the end of 2017 I decided to come back to Valencia, and since then I have taught Spanish in several language schools for adults and at Universitat Politecnica in their campus in Gandia.

In 2018 I started tutoring online and organising group lessons and events for my students with my teacher partner Gaby. We did tours, wine tasting sessions and Christmas parties, I loved it! In 2019 I collaborated with the publishing house Difusión writing scripts for grammar videos and in 2022 I started creating worksheets for their section called Hoy en Clase, which are based on newspaper articles. I’m really enjoying this job because it is very creative, plus I’m a huge fan of Difusión! In 2020 I decided to become a full time self-employed teacher -in Spain we would say I became «autónoma«- and I must admit I really like being my own boss!

Apart from teaching, I really enjoy learning about personal growth and Psychology, and in 2023 I finished my training in Gestalt Therapy. I don’t plan to become a therapist myself, but I believe it is great to combine what I’m learning about people and myself with my job, which, at the end of the day, is about being with people! What else do I love? I really like yoga -I’m taking Hatha lessons and have tried Kundalini too-, and I love reading. I’m into second hand furniture and clothes, journaling and I have a cat called Lupita.